Hoxyheads Helmet Ears UNICORN EARS


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Material: Polyster

Size: One size fits all

Give you her helmet unicorn ears! They are easy to attach and fit any helmet. And not just on ski helmets – these helmet ears can also be used to pimp bicycle helmets or skate helmets!

The ears and tail are made of soft plush. For young and old! They are especially ideal for children. Children will enjoy wearing a helmet because these ears make any helmet look great!

The Hoxyheads helmet ears and the associated tail are very easy to attach to the helmet. First, the surface of the helmet must be clean, dry and free of grease. Then the paper can be removed from the double-sided adhesive tape on the Velcro fastener and the whole thing can be pressed firmly onto the helmet. After a night in which the glue has dried well, you can hit the slopes!

The unicorns can also be glued to various bicycle helmets or skate helmets.

Attention: Use a cleaning agent to degrease so that the outer layer of the helmet is not damaged! Follow the instructions for use of the helmet or try the product on a small piece first.