About us

We love the winter and the cold that goes with it! Fresh powder snow, the Alps, skiing and snowboarding makes us really happy! And we think that skiing holidays are the best family holidays. Meanwhile, we have many years skiing experience with children and we want to share this with you! The idea for Hoxyheads arose a number of years ago during a ski holiday to Austria. The children found it rather silly that they suddenly had to wear a ski helmet. We then devised to combine safety and fun.

Safety and fun

Ski helmets have become more and more popular over recent years. In many popular ski destinations it is compulsory for children to wear ski helmets. Our advice: wear a helmet, even if you are an experienced skier or snowboarder, but ski like you haven’t got one on! That’s the best for everyone’s safety! Unfortunately, many children don’t like to wear a ski helmet. With Hoxyheads kids love to wear their ski helmet. For parents it is easier to recognize their child (ren) on the slopes.

Our products

Hoxyheads are cheerful and funny covers for your ski helmet! The exterior of the ski helmet cover is made of soft plush and the inside is made of cotton. On the back is an opening so that ski goggles can be fitted. All Hoxyheads have an elastic cord that can be attached to the side pieces of the ski helmet and can be pulled tight in the back for optimal fitting to the helmet. The cover fits almost all ski helmets! Are you looking for an original gift for a winter sports fan? Or are you one yourself and do you like to stand out? Then Hoxyheads is something for you!

Hoxyheads is a Dutch product, it stands for quality and a unique character. They are available in different types and versions. Which Hoxyheads do you choose?