Buying a ski helmet for kids: tips and advice

What to look for when you go buying a ski helmet for your child(ren)? We have some tips for you:

  • Involve your child in the purchasing process.
  • Take your child with you to the store and try on ski helmets.
  • Check that the helmet is compatible with the goggles. Does your child has a good pair of ski goggles? Take them with you to the store or buy a new pair of ski goggles at the same time.
  • Get advice from a specialist in a store.
  • Test whether your child can open and close the helmet closure itself.
  • Pay attention to the weight of the helmet. When a helmet is too heavy, children don’t like to wear them anymore after a few hours of skiing.
  • Don’t pay too much attention to the looks of the helmet. The most important factor in a helmet is the fit. It must fit properly and comfortably to protect your brain against injury.
  • Don’t buy a larger size ski helmet with the intention to grow into it. 
  • We do not recommend to buy a used ski helmet. Like car safety seats, you don’t know the helmets history. Ski helmet manufacturers recommend to replace a ski helmet every three to five years and after a significant crash or collision. 
  • Explain to your child why wearing a helmet is important.
  • Set a good example for your child(ren)!

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